‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 – Chapter 2 Recap

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Fans were treated to another gore-filled episode teasing more than just terrifying colonists, but a murderous pair of sisters as well…

Those who caught the season premiere of American Horror Story Season 6 will remember that the story left off with Shelby (Sarah Paulson) stumbling upon some type of ceremony in the woods. It appears Kathy Bates is the ringleader of the time-jumping colonists who tie a supposed criminal to a post, put a pig face on him and roast him on a spit, all as Shelby watches. Soon after, Lee (Angela Bassett) finds Shelby and takes her to the hospital. There, doctors are convinced that her stories about some type of sacrifice in the woods are a drug hallucination, but she’s tested and has no substances in her system.

In the first episode, is it Shelby who wanted to abandon their haunted money pit of a home and Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) who doesn’t agree. In the hospital, it is Matt’s turn to suggest they rid themselves of the cursed home but Shelby, still convinced they are being tormented by locals, wants to fight back.

Back at the house, Lee’s daughter Flora visits to spend time with her mother. She almost immediately discovers an invisible friend named Priscilla, who apparently wears funny clothes.

The next night, Matt and Shelby are once again woken by the sounds of tormented squealing. When they go outside to investigate, they discover a giant stick figure decorated with pig body parts and lit on fire. Thankfully, the incident convinces police to start giving the couple 24-hour protection.

However, the disturbing visions are far from over. In the middle of the night, Matt answers a ringing phone but only hears a woman mumbling. Next, he hears a sound in the next room and sees two apparent nurses killing an elderly patient with a handgun while laughing wildly. But, of course, when Matt brings the police in, they find nothing.

The next day, Flora’s father shows up to collect her and take her home but she has disappeared. Lee and her ex-husband scour the house, only to find Flora in a closest once again talking to her invisible friend Priscilla. Flora says Priscilla is going to kill all of them. Naturally, this rattles Flora’s father who angrily takes the little girl to the car, claiming he plans to talk to the judge about changing their custody agreement.

The incident deeply rattles Lee, who breaks her sobriety. When her brother Matt puts her to bed, the undead nurses once again appear. At the same time, Shelby and Matt see a little girl out the window. They decide to find her, but in her place, they find the entrance to an old cellar, which they explore.

Lee, drunk in bed, feels she is being watched. She climbs from bed and soon has a few terrifying visions of her own including a row of small, bloody animal legs twitching on a wall. She also sees the mysterious pig man. Meanwhile in the cellar, Matt and Shelby find evidence that someone has lived in there. They also find a camera, which they take to the house.

On the tape, a crazed man named Elias Cunningham (Denis O’Hare) explains everything he knows and boy is it illuminating. He came to the eerie house to research a true crime book he was writing about a pair of sisters named Miranda and Bridget who began killing elderly patients. They then decided to set up their own assisted living facility with the simple goal of finding more elderly victims, but for what?

The two girls killed five people in the house which Shelby and Matt now own. They chose their five victims because of their first names. According to Cunningham, the goal was to collect souls and to spell something: Murder. However, the inseparable sisters only got to “Murde” before something happened to them, which Cunningham doesn’t elaborate on. He does however decide to go back into the house (for research?), which ends in a nerve-racking moment at a mirror.

Matt and Shelby are finally convinced that, whatever is happening in the house, they are no match for it and decide to attempt to sell the house back to the bank. But the bank representative they speak with is not sympathetic to their plight.

That’s when Lee returns with Flora, effectively committing a felony by kidnapping her child. When Shelby talks to Flora’s father, she calms him down and invites him to come get her again. Except…Flora has disappeared again. Matt, Shelby and Lee search the house and surrounding land. Finally, they find Flora’s jacket hanging from a tree, far, far off the ground. But no Flora.

There’s so much to unpack here… Although some of Chapter 1’s questions were answered, several new mysteries have emerged. The pig man appears to be the sacrifice from the colonial ritual wearing a pig face. The “Murde” seems to reference “Croatoan,” the single word left at Roanoke, North Carolina where all the colonists disappeared in 1587. Flora’s invisible friend Priscilla sounds like a colonist, what with her “funny clothes,” but Priscilla is definitely not a colonial name.

Now, we need to know what happened to the psychopathic sisters Miranda and Bridget! Did the colonists sacrifice them too? We also have to assume Cunningham the true crime writer escaped the house because his camera was in the cellar. Are these colonists visions? Are they time traveling?!

Until next week!