WATCH: This Encounter Between Blac Chyna, Kylie Jenner and Tyga Will Make You Cringe

Blac Chyna: I'm Cool With Kylie Jenner
Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner have buried the hatchet.

With Kylie Jenner currently dating her future sister-in-law’s ex-boyfriend, she’s bound to have an awkward encounter or two at family functions. Luckily for us, cameras exists and cringe-worthy moments like this can be captured and watched over, and over, and over again.

In a new preview clip for an upcoming episode of Rob & Chyna, Blac Chyna runs into Kylie and Tyga, her ex and the father of her son King Cairo, while attending Khloé Kardashian’s star-studded birthday party at Dave & Buster’s. Though Rob Kardashian is not present to witness all the uncomfortable tension, you can definitely sense there’s just something off with the picture as Chyna and Tyga share a very stiff hug.

“Here comes Kylie and Tyga. I kinda talked to them for a moment because this is going to be my future sister-in-law,” Chyna confesses in another scene. “But, as I’m looking at Rob across the party, I can see something was wrong.”

Chyna then approaches Rob, who immediately asks his pregnant fiancée if she wants to leave.

While the awkward run-in deserves another viewing, don’t expect Kylie to do the rewinding. According to the reality star, keeping up with TV series like Rob & Chyna is the last thing on her mind these days.

“If I had to go a year without anything, I would def drop television,” she writes on her app. “I really don’t care about TV shows.”

As for the one thing that she does need? Jenner believes she can’t live without a good cup ‘o joe.

“[BFF] Jordyn and I have gotten really into coffee lately. I feel like I need it,” she admits. “My Starbucks order is a venti double shot Americano with sweetener and coconut milk. When I get home, I add French Vanilla creamer and more ice. It’s a concoction!”