Britney Spears Finally Releases Alternate ‘Make Me’ Music Video and Gets Hilariously Pranked by Her Sons

Britney Spears finally listened to the wishes of all of her fans and released an alternate “Make Me” music video. Unfortunately, it’s not the one we’ve all been waiting for.

As a special treat to her fans who have her app, she released a special version of “Make Me” that can only be viewed through her mobile game, American Dream. But instead of releasing the David LaChapelle video everyone has been waiting for, the special edition is essentially the same as the first music video, just without the storyline. In other words: all Britney, no weird guys stripping.

While Spears was busy cooking up a surprise for her fans, her sons were doing the same for her. Spears’ boys Jayden and Preston stole their mother’s phone and managed to scare the pop princess when she went looking for it and luckily for all of us, got it all on video.

Launch the video up top to see the special edition “Make Me…”