Joe Jonas Reveals What He Thinks Is the Sexiest Quality in a Woman

Joe Jonas opened up about his past relationships and what he thinks is the sexiest quality in a woman.

In the October issue of Women’s Health magazine, the DNCE frontman also discussed everything from his insecurities to how he personally deals with heartbreak. He even revealed that he’s not a big fan of PDA, hence why it’s very rare that we’ll see him publically locking lips/showing affection with anyone.

One thing is for sure; he knows what he wants. “A great sense of humor and a good sense of style,” he replied when asked what qualities he finds sexy in a woman.

As for how he deals with breakups, Jonas revealed that it isn’t easy. “It’s different every time,” he said. “There have been moments where I’ve had to write a song, and that can be helpful. Or there are moments where you just surround yourself with friends and family. Usually, I go to my brother Nick. We just hang out, do some bro hanging, and that helps a lot.”

The real question is whether he holds a grudge against Gigi Hadid or any of his exes for that matter. “You can hold on to things, but at the end of the day, you have to live your life and not hold grudges,” he told the magazine. “Life is too short for that stuff.”

Hear that Hadid? No hard feelings.

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