Priyanka Chopra Beats Jimmy Fallon in Apple Bobbing Contest Like a Boss

Priyanka Chopra defeated Jimmy Fallon in an apple bobbing contest like a true American.

The Quantico star, who made heads turn on the red carpet at the 2016 Emmy Awards, made an appearance on the Tonight Show on Wednesday (Sept. 21, 2016) where she beat the late night TV host at yet another competition. In case you forgot, the actress won a spicy wing-eating contest the last time she was on the show.

This time around, the game was a little different. The two had to stick their heads in a large tub filled with water and get a hold of one apple at a time with their teeth. The player who managed to get the most apples won the game. Not only did Chopra destroy Fallon by picking up five apples in 20 seconds, but she did it without even messing up her lipstick.

Fortunately, she was kind enough to give Fallon some lessons after he wasn’t able to pick up any apples at all. Watch how it all went down in the video above!