Swizz Beatz Sued for $42 Million for Alleged Fraud

Swizz Beatz is in some legal hot water after allegedly swindling a company out of millions of dollars. Metro-Gem Leasing and Funding has launched a lawsuit against the music producer, citing fraud involving 27 luxury vehicles.

According to TMZ, Beatz formed a car leasing company years ago and used another company Metro-Gem to fund venture by paying for expensive whips ranging from Bentleys to Ferraris. Now, the company is suing Beatz for allegedly not living up to his word and taking money from them over a three year period.

The lawsuit also mentions Swizz’s wife, Alicia Keys, and claims the couple started leasing some on the cars in 2013 for personal use. However, Keys has not been named as a defendant.

Beatz since responded to the lawsuit, writing on Twitter:


Clearly, he’s taking all of this with a grain of salt.