Kesha Thanks Fans for Standing By Her Side During Dr. Luke Trial

Kesha Drops Sexual Abuse Charges from Case Against Dr. Luke
Kesha has decided to drop her charges of sexual misconduct against Dr. Luke

Last night (Sept. 22, 2016), during her concert in Brooklyn, Kesha took a moment to thank her fans for continually standing by her during her times of need.

“I honestly don’t know if I would have made it the past few years without you guys, some of you may know I’m in a lawsuit,” the singer told the crowd during the middle of her set. “Thank you for standing by me.”

In 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against producer Dr. Luke, claiming he sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused her throughout the duration of their professional relationship. The singer hoped the claims of abuse would be enough to get her out of her contract with the producer, so she no longer had to work with him. Unfortunately, Kesha lost several appeals and remains under her Sony contract. Last month, Kesha dropped the charges in hopes of being able to expedite the process of working on new music.

“I could not do this without you so fucking thank you. I can’t share my new music with you,” she continued. “Keep praying, someday it will come. I can’t wait for that.”

“No one can own you. Because to truly own you means to own your happiness,” she told the audience. “No one can own your fucking happiness. Promise me you will never let them take that from you!”

“Ain’t nobody got time for hate,” she added. “Always have hope in your heart. I do!”

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