Here’s Another Reminder Lady Gaga Has Cut All Her Shirts in Half

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A vocal powerhouse like Lady Gaga deserves to live like a music legend.

Since releasing her first single “Perfect Illusion” a few weeks ago, Lady Gaga has been sporting a more natural rocker style, including several outings in which she’s wearing crop tops and daisy dukes.

Case in point: Gaga was spotted leaving her NYC studio on Saturday (Sept. 24, 2016), donning her now-signature short shorts and going braless in a see-through crop top. She pairs the outfit with black boots. Hey, she looks pretty fantastic, so why the hell not?

The singer is gearing up to release her fifth album, Joanne, and recently posted a list of the song titles on the album:

As previously reported, Gaga enlisted Florence Welch for a duet called “Hey Girl,” another song that will appear on the album. Beck will also feature as a producer on a “dance track.” Here’s a breakdown of the title tracks, courtesy of Bustle.

Joanne hits October 21.