Sarah Jessica Parker Reveals What She Does with Her Red Carpet Designer Fashion

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Have a Date Night at the NYC Ballet
Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick looked radiant date night.

Sarah Jessica Parker always looks fabulous on the red carpet, but she generally doesn’t keep the designer fashion lent to her.

Parker stopped by Amazon’s live stream fashion and beauty show, Style Code Live, to speak about her shoe line SJP (available on Amazon Fashion), and naturally, the subject of her personal fashion came up.

The actress said, “I’m actually not a huge shopper. I mean I have more shoes now because I have a shoe collection, but even that I’m very thoughtful about. What do I really need? What can I borrow? What can I not live without? I’ve never, ever, ever, take anything. I did in that case if we owned it then I owned it and it’s an archive, but if it was borrowed from a designer, or belonged to someone else, it always went back and even when I borrow something for an important event, I always give everything back because I feel as if it’s an honor system. It’s like the library. You return the bag, you loved wearing it, you had custody of the night, and allow someone else the opportunity.”

The Sex and the City alum also dished on what’s in her Amazon shopping cart at all times, an activity she usually does first thing in the morning. One item is fatty meat sticks. “…This is so freaking delicious and when you’re on the run like I am. They come in jalapeno also and I order them by the box. You will frequently find this in my Amazon cart… when I give these out to friends and colleagues, no one’s complaining. So Fattys!”

Also in the cart are toothpicks. “Oh you got some opal pix. These are the greatest toothpicks ever,” stated Parker. “Feel free to get one out and experience the sword that is the Opal pix… I get them as presents for friends that I love and care about.”

And then there’s fairy soap. “The one I get usually is in the clear bottle with the green, not this yellow. But, I love it. I learned about fairy in Ireland so it’s all the same… yeah it does the job and it smells good and it’s sentimental, it’s a sentimental favorite.”

Parker’s episode of Amazon’s Style Code Live airs Tuesday, September 27 at 9PM ET. Launch the gallery above for photos of SJP on the show!