So Spoiled: Are Meredith and Riggs Ending Things on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? 

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Still from 'Grey's Anatomy'
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Now that the fall television lineup is back in full swing, there are more burning questions than ever! We’ve rounded up some new bits of info on shows we know you love including Grey’s Anatomy, Blindspot, Big Bang Theory and more!

Curious how Jane is going to react to Allie’s pregnancy on Blindspot?

“At this point, Jane doesn’t know, no one knows,” Jaimie Alexander said while filming episode 4 of this season. “I think it’s going to hurt Jane emotionally, but at the same time, she may even become even more protective over Weller and Weller’s life and even potentially Allie’s life; that’s the type of person who Jane is. But what a devastating blow. Can things get any more complicated? It’s mean Jane from now, that’s what I’m thinking.” [Entertainment Weekly]

Wondering if Raj is getting cozy with Emily and/or Claire in this season of the Big Bang Theory?

“He is still involved with [both Emily and Claire],” said EP Steve Molaro. “We’ve got to take care of other [storylines] that are in play before we can refocus on things like Raj’s dating situation.” [TV Line]

Deathstroke is returning for the 100th episode of Arrow! Don’t believe us? Check out this photo from the show’s set:

It’s not quite clear who is behind the mask this time. The villain’s revival is reportedly part of a four-way crossover including The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and, of course, Arrow! Get pumped! [TV Line]

Dying to know if Meredith and Riggs are going to keep their romance alive on Grey’s Anatomy after that tumultuous season premiere?

“She really can’t betray her sister again, because the whole premiere episode about Alex being the one who beats up DeLuca is a betrayal because Meredith did not confide to Maggie that she knew who did it,” Ellen Pompeo said. “She can’t betray Maggie again, yet she’s finding herself in this triangle that Maggie for sure is going to see as a betrayal.” [Entertainment Weekly]