Lindsay Lohan Brings Gifts to Syrian Refugees in Turkey

Angelina Jolie Visits Syrian Refugees
"We must not let fear stand in the way of an effective response."

Whether you love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Lindsay Lohan is pretty giving when it comes to helping the less fortunate. Though her personal life is currently going through a rough patch, the Mean Girls star is devoting her time to making sure those in need get the aid they need.

Just weeks after Angelina Jolie spoke with Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lohan paid a visit to an Istanbul hospital to bring gifts to a refugee family from Aleppo. Taking to Instagram, she shared a heartbreaking story about the people she met during her time there.

“The father, Mohammad, was injured severely in Aleppo and his wife left him and her three kids after they migrated to Turkey,” Lohan wrote alongside a photo of the Hussein family. “The lovely girl is Heya, 9, and her twin brother is Leys. The Sultanbeyli Municipality is covering their rent and kitchen expenses, but the conditions of the house are very bad. The older brother was not in the house with us because, although he is 17, he had to work in order to take better care of his family.”

Lohan revealed that she particularly bonded with Heya, who “couldn’t care less” about the toys she had brought for the children and was more focused on the absence of her mother.

“I can’t forget Heya whom I met during my visit to the Hussein family. She couldn’t care less about our gifts to her, whose mother has gone. She held me more and more tight when she sat on my lap,” she shared. “I sniffed her hair, took her hands and held her tight. I understood at that moment once again that we can do more for each other, that we should do more for each other. And we can start by giving support to #Turkey, which did its part in this huge human tragedy called Syria by welcoming three million refugees. We should do more, starting today.”

Lohan was joined by Turkey’s youth and sports deputy minister, Abdurrahim Boynukalin, who was adamant on keeping the 30-year-old’s visit low-key as to not create a media frenzy. “The important thing is that a Hollywood star take this matter seriously and bring it to the world stage,” he said [via the Associate Press], adding that Lohan even offered to volunteer at the hospital.

The actress also shared a quote from Mother Theresa on her Instagram, writing, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”