Tom Ford Would Never Dream of Asking Jake Gyllenhaal to ‘Manscape’

Tom Ford wants you to know: He doesn’t manscape. No. Seriously.

The designer-turned-director sat down with Vulture to discuss his new film and his quest to heighten the sight and sounds we enjoy up on the big screen.

“I want a movie to be a movie!” said Ford. “We have enough reality. I want the score to be big, I want the characters to be big, I want people to be more beautiful than they are in real life!”

Then, for some reason, the talk quickly veered into whether or not Ford asked his film’s star Jake Gyllenhaal to shave his chest for leading role in the revenge thriller. The director responded with a lighthearted rant railing against the proliferation of “manscaping” in today’s society.

“It just never occurred to me that he should shave his chest!” Ford shared. “I happen to like body hair. I think people should leave it alone — I’m not a fan of all this manscaping that goes on. I don’t really get it.”

Then, the 55-year-old multi-hyphenate truly drove his point home in the most unforgettable way.

“If you like the chest, you should see what’s down here,” Ford said, nodding downward to his own chest. “There is no manscaping.” Then, he repeated himself, just to be absolutely clear: “There is no manscaping.”