WATCH: Brody Jenner Goes Off on Hotel Security for Kicking Him Out 

Word to the wise: if you start shouting in a hotel lobby, odds are someone will start recording…

Today (Sept. 27, 2016), a new video has surfaced of Brody Jenner losing his mind in a posh Orange County hotel. Although it’s a grainy, distant recording, you can clearly hear Jenner say he plans to press charges against some hotel staff, and he plans to contact his lawyer immediately. He also threw in lots of four-letter words.

According to TMZ, it all apparently started with the 33-year-old asking if could enter his manager’s hotel room at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott to grab a few items. The hotel staff said that wasn’t allowed. This apparently got the reality star visibly irate, which was enough to warrant action on the part of the hotel.

So, they entered his hotel room (reportedly without knocking) to usher him out of the building. That’s when Jenner truly decided to let loose on the establishment’s staff in the clip, cursing and threatening his way out of the building.

Authorities apparently spoke with Jenner before he peaceably left the premises.

Check out the tirade here: