WATCH: The ‘Will & Grace’ Reunion Is Definitely Not What You Were Expecting It to Be

After a slew of mysterious posts on social media, the Will & Grace cast finally reunited on screen for a short, present-day episode all about the 2016 election.

Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing) issue their grievances over Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy and the Fifty Shades of Grey “ass double” in Will’s apartment when Karen (Megan Mullally) bursts through the door (Poodle!) to proclaim that she is voting for her “wealthy” friend, Trump. Will and Grace’s combined persuasion is not enough to sway Karen’s vote, especially considering that she helped Trump “pick out Melania,” but their efforts are halted altogether when Jack (Sean Hayes) bursts in to catch them up to speed on his YouTuber-ridden love life.

The discussion returns when Jack explains that he is an undecided voter. Karen brings up HamiltonGrace (literally) sings the praises of Hillary Clinton, but it is Will that serves him with the detail that clears his mind, once and for all.

The 10-minute video comes with the hashtag #VoteHoney, so what are you waiting for? Make America Spramp Again.