Naya Rivera Opens Up About Taking on Motherhood in a New Interview 

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Naya Rivera Poses for VVV Magazine
CREDIT: VVV Magazine

Naya Rivera recently sat down with VVV Magazine to talk about motherhood and how it’s affected her life, noting that caring for Josey, her son with Ryan Dorsey, has given her life “a whole new dimension of joy.

I still feel like the same me but…now I have different priorities,” she shared. “Having someone else to look out for other than myself is a really beautiful thing, it gives you a whole new dimension of joy, and elevates your life in so many ways.”

During the interview, the 29-year-old performer also revealed what she thinks she’d be doing if she hadn’t entered the work of acting: “I’d probably be a writer in some form, either songwriting or screenplays. I really love writing and… that’s one of the reasons I really wanted to write my book.”

But when pressed on what projects she has on the horizon, Rivera made it clear that, while she loves her career, being a mother comes first.

“There’s a lot in the air, but to be honest I’m taking some time to figure out exactly which project I really want to do next,” the actress said. “Being a mom, which I love, certainly changes your priorities. As much as I love singing, dancing and acting I really want to find a new balance between my work and my family life. My son Josey is now my number one priority, which eliminates all those long location projects.”