WATCH: Sarah Paulson, Hailey Baldwin Reveal Which Celebrity They’d Want to Deport

We know who they’d gladly accept into the United States. Now, let’s find out who your faves would like to kick out of America.

In a new Glamour video, Hailey Baldwin, Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange and more revealed the one celebrity they’d want to be deported from the U.S. Unsurprisingly, only one name came to mind: Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump. I have nothing further to add on the subject,” Paulson said. “Just Donald Trump. Period.”

As for a person who isn’t one of the most hated person in America, transgender model Hari Nef voted to exile Senator Pat McCrory for his involvement with the HB2 “Bathroom Bill,” while Iman, giving the most graceful answer, said she would deport herself because “I would not enforce that on anybody.”