Tim Tebow Hits Home Run on His First Professional Baseball Pitch

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Tim Tebow Signs with the New York Mets
Tim Tebow is about to embark upon his second sport as a pro athlete

Tim Tebow certainly looked impressive in his first professional baseball game as a New York Mets player.

In an Instructional League game between the Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals, Tebow stepped up to bat for the first time and hit a home run on the first pitch, reports People.

Tebow signed with the Mets earlier this month, his first time playing baseball since he was in high school. Many believed it was just a publicity stunt after his failed attempt to make it as an NFL quarterback, but clearly, the boy has some talent.

The 29-year-old just leaves his fate in God’s hands. He recently told People, “I never know where my life is going to lead me. I just try to do the right thing and leave the rest up to God.”

He added, “It’s great to be known for playing sports, and I’ve been very blessed to have the opportunities I’ve had, but obviously, my life is about more than that. So we’ll see what happens.”