Report: ‘Very Drunk’ Jimmy Fallon Spotted Dancing to ‘90s Hits 

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On Monday (Sept. 26, 2016), Jimmy Fallon put his renowned dancing skills on display after throwing back a few drinks, according to those in attendance at an NYC bar.

Patrons of Manitoba’s, a watering hole in New York’s East Village, noticed the comedian busting out his signature dancing moves and cracking jokes late into the evening.

“He was at the end of the bar playing ’90s music on his phone,” an attendee told Page Six. “He would have the bartender hook it up and start dancing. He was very drunk, cutting up and making people laugh.”

Another insider added that the late-night host was warm and friendly when recognized by fans in the establishment.

“He left alone and people recognized him on his way out,” a source relayed. “He was like, ‘Hugs for everybody!’ Someone asked for a selfie and he was like, ‘Nah, not right now.’”

However, another source contradicts reports of the SNL alum’s wild night.

“Jimmy was with his staff following the debate and was there for less than an hour.”

Which report can we trust?!