‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 – Chapter 3 Recap

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Well, it took three episodes but American Horror Story is finally addressing Roanoke’s Lost Colony. And the body count is quickly rising.

In last week’s episode, the season’s resident re-enactors for Shelby (Sarah Paulson), her husband Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and his sister Lee (Angela Bassett) were desperately searching for Lee’s missing daughter Flora (Saniyya Sidney). But all they found was her jacket dangling from a tree branch high off the ground.

In the new episode, the family continue their search, finding the little girl’s doll dismembered among gruesome symbols also containing pig parts. The clues lead the trio to the home of the Polk family, some terrifying locals, where they discover two young boys in the barn who appear to be feral. They only know one word: Croatoan.

Naturally, the discovery of the abandoned farmhouse and the wild children convinces local authorities that it was them that took Flora. While the police attempt to interrogate the boys, Flora’s father Mason (Charles Malik Whitfield) arrives, crazed and unnerved by the series of events.

Back at the house, accusations start to fly. Mason is convinced that Lee has tucked Flora away, hoping her disappearance will convince everyone that she is dead, allowing Lee to ultimately be with her daughter despite her problematic custody situation.

In no time flat, Mason turns up dead. His body is found tied to a wooden contraption and burned. And, judging from Matt’s security camera, Lee’s comings and goings are pretty incriminating.

Then, out of nowhere Cricket Marlow (Leslie Jordan), a psychic from New Orleans, waltzes into Matt and Shelby’s super-duper haunted home and boasts that he can help them find Flora. Cricket suggests they hold a ceremony during which he will attempt to contact spirits within the home. And that’s when she arrives: Thomasin White (Kathy Bates), arguably this season’s most sinister player thus far.

For starters, her nickname is “The Butcher,” because he favorite way to take lives is slashing away at her victims with a gigantic cleaver. During that first encounter, Thomasin admits that Priscilla (remember Flora’s invisible friend?), has hid the child from the bloodthirsty colonist spirit and her cohort.

Of course, as soon as Cricket ends her first encounter with White, she tells the shell-shocked family that for $25K she will help them get Flora back. As you can guess, Cricket’s fee is not immediately paid. First, the psychic had to prove her abilities, and she did so by revealing that Flora isn’t the first daughter Lee has lost. When Lee was only 21, she lost her first child, Emily.

That’s when viewers took a deep dive, with Cricket as their guide, to learn about Thomasin getting ousted from the Roanoke colony, getting left for dead and being rescued by a supernatural (perhaps satanic) being played by none other than Lady Gaga. With a new lease on life, Thomasin hacks her way through the colony’s leadership, takes control once again, and decides to move her people inland for food. And that’s why Matt and Shelby’s home is so damn haunted (no counting the elder-killing nurse twins).

Cricket leads the family out in to wilderness at night where she once again has a dialogue with Thomasin and her cleaver. The two strike a bargain. The spirits will help Lee get her daughter back and all the living agree to abandon the house and the land.

That’s when Shelby discovers Matt has disappeared. She wanders the woods looking for him, only to find him having sex with Gaga’s character as two country bumpkins watch. Shelby immediately heads home. When Matt joins her, he claims to have no memory of fornicating in the woods. But it’s too late, Shelby has already called the police, presumably to claim that either Lee killed Mason, or Lee has hidden Flora, or both.

Now that nearly all of our players have gotten some screen time, we’re getting a clearer picture of what to expect for the remainder of the season. Like the Murder House, this land has one lousy track record of attracting the worst of the worst.

Did The Butcher dispense with the serial killer nurses? Is Elias Cunningham (Denis O’Hare) going to be able to help Matt and Shelby? Did Matt make some type of unholy bargain when he and Lady Gaga got busy in the woods?

Until next week!