Cher Takes a Break from Twitter After Accidentally Retweeting a Dick Pic Avatar

Cher loves to tweet, but after a recent minor faux pas — when she accidentally retweeted an account that had a penis for an avatar — she’s taking a little breather from the social media platform.

The 70-year-old treated her 3.13 million followers to the NSFW pic on Wednesday night (Sept. 28, 2016), and when they seemed confused, she wrote, “WAS TRYING 2RT… I MIGHT HAVE GONE 2 FAST, 2 SEE EVERYTHING, IT CERTAINLY WASNT MY INTENTION.”

Her followers kept at it, as trolls are wont to do, and the singer started to get irritated. “I Don’t necessarily Look at avatars constantly. I look at questions.” Then, “GOD YOU PPL ARE UNFORGIVING… I DIDNT SEE IT‼ U ARE TOTALLY FREE TO LEAVE.”

Finally, Cher tweeted, “I’m outta here… I don’t deserve this shit.”

Good news, though! It looks like Cher is working on new music (via Idolator). “Had blast, put two songs down,” she revealed in August. Her last album release was in 2013.