This Is How Kendall Jenner Deals with Bullies

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Having grown up on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and walked countless runways, it’s safe to say Kendall Jenner has faced more than her fair share of criticism, both online and in real life. But, if you inspect her numerous social media accounts, you’ll quickly see the optimism and enthusiasm upon which she has built her brand. Curious how the rising stunner plow through all the negativity? She answered that very question in a new interview with Garage magazine.

“Let’s face it—Everyone is going to have an opinion,” she said. “Best advice I have is to realize just that, everyone’s always going to be saying something and if you concern yourself with that, you’re in for a giant headache. What matters is how you feel. If you like that picture or you feel good in that outfit, fuck it. Gaining perspective does wonders.”

Kendall Jenner Poses for Garage Magazine
CREDIT: Phil Poynter/Garage Magazine

The reality star went to explain that when dealing with difficult situations and difficult people, she has a simple policy: “I aim to treat others as I want to be treated. I know that sounds slightly basic, but when it comes to humans and human nature, the simplest answer is usually the right one. It really is as easy as that.”

Earlier today, the young socialite was glimpsed exiting a tattoo parlor in New York. Could she be getting more tiny, secret ink? Check out her errand in the gallery above!