Breaking Hair News: Zayn Malik Shaved His Beard Off

Zayn Malik Makes Being Moody Look So Cozy on the Cover of 'HIGHSNOBIETY'
Zayn Malik is channeling a soft woodsman vibe on the cover of HIGHSNOBIETY, issue 13

I’ve always sorta kinda believed Zayn Malik quit One Direction not for artistic freedom, but so he could grow a beard. Seriously.

He had some stubble during the end of his 1D days, but the preferred look of most boy banders around the world is youthful aka clean shaven. Malik was sick of the young lad look. He’s a man, who reportedly smokes several strains of weed and sings about having sex with models! That kind of man needs a man’s beard! Which is why his latest beauty decision is so damn confusing.

On a whim yesterday (this was absolutely not a well thought out decision), Malik decided to get rid of his glorious beard, the beard he worked so hard for and shave it all off.

He went from this:


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To this:

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Yes, that is a soul patch you see.

A soul patch.

I have no words, really.

Here’s hoping it all grows back before Gigi Hadid returns from Paris. I’m praying for you girl. 🙏