Celebuzz’d 029: Why Do We Care So Much About Brangelina’s Divorce?

It was the divorce that literally shook Hollywood on a seismic level.

Okay, so maybe the small earthquake that hit Los Angeles after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce went public was an unrelated matter, but where a shift in tectonic plates happened beneath the earth’s surface, a similar rumble occurred in the ranks of celebrity power couples. There was a certain untouchable air that surrounded the aura of Brangelina, one that was slightly reminiscent of the romances of the movie industry’s Golden Age before anyone with a camera could be considered a celebrity.

Their combined star power was so blinding so that we forgot that the birth of their relationship in 2003 broke Pitt’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston and we watched their family grow from two to three to eight. When they finally wed in 2014, the topic of discussion was Jolie’s gown that was decorated with her children’s’ drawings. You wanted them to succeed despite the generally-terrible odds of celebrity marriages because they became the Beverly Hills Barbie and Ken, but at the end of it all, dolls are made out of plastic. Pitt and Jolie are real people. People get divorces and the details should be none of our concern, except they are because, with such status, their privileged information is compromised in the hands of the public.

In this episode of the Celebuzz’d podcast, Celebuzz staffers Mia Lardiere and Matt Russoniello attempt to figure out why Pitt and Jolie’s separation was so poignant, whether it was due to their level of fame or the devastating effects on their family. Also discussed is the unwilling introduction of Marion Cotillard and Aniston (back) into their relationship’s drama and the debate on whether any other current celebrity couple can replace the void that is Brangelina.