Debating Voting in November? Dwayne Johnson Has a Song Just for You 

Dwayne Johnson Named World’s Highest-Paid Actor by Forbes, Taking in $64.5 Million
In case you weren’t aware, Dwayne Johnson is having himself one terrific year.

With this grueling campaign season finally drawing to a close, celebs everywhere are coming out of the woodwork to encourage Americans to get off their duffs and vote on November 8th. First, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson and loads of their famous friends released a hilarious video for the non-profit Save the Day. Now, Dwayne Johnson and his team have a song to get you enthused to do your civic duty!

The clip starts out with the Forbes top-earner greeting his fans from the set of his upcoming flick, the Jumanji remake, before segueing to the importance of participating in this year’s elections.

“Did you know, on average, it takes approximately a minute and 34 seconds to register to vote?” Johnson asked viewers. “Ninety-four seconds to register to vote! Ninety-four seconds, guys! Can you believe that shit?” he asks the film crew hard at work behind him.

That’s when he hands the clip off to his Seven Bucks Production crew who have a very special song to get you inspired to visit the voting booth. The track lists all the things that take 94 seconds including tying your shoes, singing the blues and…a special nod to Johnson’s pro wrestling roots.

Check out the PSA below:

Head over to the New York Times to find the deadline for registering to vote in your state.