Tyga’s Mom May Lose Her Car Thanks to His Money Problems

Kylie Jenner to Submit Herself to Questioning About Tyga's Finances
Tyga's financial woes are finally catching up to him.

Tyga and his financial woes have hit a whole new low as his mother’s Range Rover Evoque is now on the line. A woman in Orange County, claiming to have acted as the middleman to help Tyga lease his mother’s car, has filed documents alleging that the “Rack City” rapper is behind on the monthly payments for the vehicle.

According to TMZ, the woman is ready to report the car, which is worth around $60,000, as stolen and have it repossessed. The publication reports that Tyga is supposed to be paying about $1,000 per month.

Of course, this is not the first time someone has been dragged under Tyga’s money problems. Earlier this year, Tyga’s former landlord threatened to take away Kylie Jenner’s new Mercedes, which the emcee purchased for the reality star’s 19th birthday, as a form of payment when Tyga failed to show up to court and answer for his $480,000 in unpaid rent. After a warrant out for his arrest was issued, the 26-year-old settled the debt upon returning from Turks and Caicos with his girlfriend.

Tyga is said to be hiring new accountants, business managers and attorneys to help him get back on track with his finances.

Welp, good luck.

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