See Pictures of Emma Watson as Belle for the First Time

WATCH: Emma Watson's Table Read for 'Beauty and the Beast' Will Give You Chills
Disney has decided to be generous to us waiting and give fans a behind-the-scenes look.

Disney, you did it again!

The upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast adaptation is on many Disney fanatics radar. After Emma Watson was officially cast as Belle, we instantly knew it was going to be phenomenal.

Fortunately, Disney is not being hasty when it comes to giving fans a sneak peak into the anticipated film. Now, we have not one, but two pictures of Watson in action as Belle. OMG.

First, here is Watson in the library scene in traditional Belle fashion.

And, what we have all been waiting for, Belle dancing with the Beast during the iconic “Tale As Old As Time” scene.

Clearly, Disney must love spoiling their fans. But, this isn’t the first time that the company gave us an exclusive look into the upcoming film.

Earlier this year, Disney teased us with a mini-trailer of the live-action movie. In Sept. alone, a feature was released of a table read with Watson going over her lines. To top it off, we have seen sketches of her Belle wardrobe too.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until March 17, 2017 to see this masterpiece in the making. Where’s a time machine when you need one?