Donald Trump Once Gave Daniel Radcliffe Advice

We won’t lie. Donald Trump does have his moments.

It may be hard to imagine, but once upon a time, the current Presidential candidate did in fact give a young Daniel Radcliffe some interesting advice.

Alongside Trolls co-stars Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, the trio appeared on the premiere of The Graham Norton Show. During his appearance, Radcliffe shared his story of meeting Trump 10 years ago.

“I was 11 or 12 and it was when we were first doing press for the first Potter movie, and they took us to new York and it was sort of the first time doing any of the morning shows in New York,” Radcliffe explained. “I was about to do the Today Show and I’d never been [on] American morning TV before, and I was quite nervous.”

Apparently, Trump had also made an appearance on the morning show that day too. Before he knew it, Radcliffe was being walked over to meet the former reality star.

“Clearly, they were like, somebody must have said, ‘Hey, you wanna meet the kid who plays Harry Potter?’ and he’s like ‘Sure!’ I don’t know how that conversation went,” Radcliffe shared.

Trump didn’t hesitate to offer the teenage Radcliffe advice to ease his nerves, but it was of course in ‘typical’ Trump fashion.

“They sort of walked me over to him and he said, ‘Oh hi, nice to meet you.’ And I said, ‘Nice to meet you.’ He said, ‘How are you?’ I said, ‘I’m quite nervous. I’ve never been on TV before, I don’t know what I’m gonna talk about.’ And he brilliantly just said, ‘You tell them you just met Mr. Trump,'” said Radcliffe.

“To me, that is the Everest of self-confidence. Imagine if I’d just been to you, ‘When you go on that show, just talk about me. Don’t talk about your stuff.'”

Oh, Donald! But, can we be too surprised?

If you’re wondering how Kendrick and Timberlake reacted, it was perfect to say the least. Check out Radcliffe’s appearance on The Graham Norton Show in the video below!