WATCH: Alec Baldwin Is Totally Spot On as Donald Trump in ‘SNL’ Debate Skit

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Does Donald Trump not know when to keep his mouth shut? Apparently not

Alec Baldwin made his debut as Republication presidential candidate Donald Trump on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, and completely killed it.

Pursing his lips like a Trump pro, he squared off against Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton in a spoof on last Monday’s (Sept. 26, 2016) presidential debate, basically being a hilariously bombastic jerk, while McKinnon as Clinton just smiles and shimmies her shoulders. Watch above!

Baldwin has signed on to play Trump in SNL political skits through the rest of the presidential race, and we can’t wait to see more.

The lovely Margot Robbie hosted the Season 42 premiere and did her best to keep a straight face throughout the proceedings. Here are some highlights:

Robbie as a sexy librarian?

The actress tries to hold it together while McKinnon does what she does best:

And of course, Celebrity Family Feud: Political Edition: