Dakota Fanning Gets Real About Her Views on Dating

Blake Lively, Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart at 'Café Society' Screening
Stars of the new Woody Allen film Café Society attended the NYC screening.

When it comes to dating, don’t expect Dakota Fanning to participate anytime soon.

In the Oct. 11 issue of Town & Country, Fanning revealed that she isn’t a big fan of going out on dates and believes the process of dating is “horrific.”

“We have to sit there and ask these questions and pretend to eat a meal, and it just feels so stiff,” said Fanning

The actress has her own idea of how dating should be. “The way I prefer to meet someone is through a friend [because that means the person] is most likely not a freak,” Fanning shared.

Fanning has managed to keep her personal life under the radar, especially when it comes to her relationship status. Recently she dated British model Jamie Strachan and, though their relationship was public, they remained low-key as a couple.

“I was raised by very traditional Southern parents with Southern manners,” Fanning explained. “You don’t air your dirty laundry to people that aren’t your family or your friends. Why would I ever want to portray myself as anything other than together?”

Fanning says she has recently realized that she cares about “what other people’s preconceived notions” of her are.

“They definitely exist. They always will, to an extent, because I’ve been acting for 16 years already and I’m 22,” said Fanning.

Fanning’s upcoming film, American Pastoral, hits theaters on Oct. 28, 2016.