James Marsden Shows Some Skin in the Teaser for Upcoming Episodes of ‘Westworld’

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James Marsden is most well-known as the guy who never gets the girl, but...

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

First of all, if you haven’t given the pilot for Westworld a try, do it now! Melding sci-fi concepts with the rugged American West, this mysterious new show is destined to fuel some heated debates among fans in the weeks ahead. Yesterday (Oct. 3, 2016), a new promotional clip dropped offered some idea of what’s on the way.

The clip includes Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) finding herself in a massive graveyard, some more “newcomers” riding a train into the manufactured world, and a terrifying encounter between Maeve (Thandie Newton) and The Man in Black (Ed Harris). Of course, we can’t forget James Marsden in the buff, presumably back in the lab with his creators.

Confused? Well, you’re not alone! This show is keeping its card close to the chest.

Check out the new clip above!