Lady Gaga Teases a Snippet of New Song ‘Just Another Day’

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Lady Gaga keeps teasing us with little bits of music from her upcoming album Joanne.

She stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest to talk about the album, and performed an unplugged snippet of a new song, “Just Another Day,” on the spot.

About Joanne, Gaga explained, “At the center of it all, it is a pop record. I’m never aiming to make a pop record that is of the status quo of what’s happening in music…My brand of pop is weird.” To say the least.

Hear the whole interview below (the song tease comes at the 11:35 mark).

Gaga also just announced she’s teaming up with Bud Light to go on a Dive Bar Tour, playing her new music in bars across the country before Joanne’s release October 21. Click here for details!