Tori Spelling Ordered to Pay $38K in Credit Card Debt

After a ten month legal battle, Tori Spelling has been ordered to pay over $37,000 in credit card debt the star racked up on an American Express card, E! reports.

American Express sued the 90210 star back in January after she defaulted on a $37,981.97 bill. Tori insisted the lawsuit was nothing more than a misunderstanding and said she wished it would just go away, but the judge ordered a default judgment demanding she repays the full amount, plus $855 in court fees.

Tori has had her fair share of financial problems over the years after inheriting only $800,000 of her father Aaron Spelling’s $600 million fortune after he passed away in 2006. While Tori insists she and her family are doing just fine financially, back in January, her mother Candy told TMZ she’d been paying her daughter’s bills, including paying for the family’s house and the children’s school tuition.