Please Enjoy These Photos of Harry Styles Looking Handsome as Hell

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Harry Styles was looking all sorts of fine when he showed up to a party in London on Thursday night (Oct. 6, 2016) to celebrate his not one, not two, but three covers for AnOther Man magazine.

For the stylish night out, Styles wore a $3,750 Yves Saint Laurent suit, skinny tie and black nail polish. With his long brown locks now cut off for his Dunkirk role, the One Direction singer look suave AF as he mingled with guests including his sister, Gemma.

According to AnOther Man founder Alister Mackie, he had to pull out all the stops when Styles decided he wanted to do a photo shoot with the publication.

“He just messaged me and said, ‘I want to do something with you,’ and so I felt like I had to give him the ultimate AnOther Man treatment, the whole experience, to do it properly. It became immediately apparent that there was so much more depth to him than to your regular boyband star, so we thought, let’s make it all about him,” he said. “He was super trusting the whole way through.”

“He got really into it,” Mackie recalled. “We went to his school, to the pub where he used to live, to the bakery where he used to work, and it was just amazing. I wanted it to be like taking him home, and to explore the normality of his upbringing. It was such an uplifting experience — particularly because we were doing it with someone who is at such a great point in his life, who is starting out on his own. It just felt euphoric.”

Well, just looking at him is a euphoric experience in and of itself.