Kelly Clarkson Made Husband Brandon Blackstock Get a Vasectomy

Kelly Clarkson is done with having kids. Not only did American Idol alum get her tubes tied, but she also made her husband, Brandon Blackstock, get a vasectomy too.

“I was literally pregnant with Remy, and I was like, ‘You are getting fixed. This will never happen to me again,'” Clarkson, who gave birth to her second child in April, told Jenny McCarthy on her Sirius XM radio show. “If something happens, it’s a miracle of God. I literally told my OBGYN on the table while open, ‘If I get pregnant again, I will find you!'”

According to Clarkson, she made the decision not to have anymore children after struggling through two pregnancies. For the singer, she suffered major fatigue, nausea and dehydration when she was carrying daughter River and son Remington.

“It’s horrible. Nothing is beautiful, nothing is magical,” she said of being pregnant. “I will remind my children every day of their lives what I [went through].”

“I was like hospitalized both pregnancies. And then I thought, I wanted another little buddy [for River] I didn’t want a kid to just be an odd man out because I felt like that a lot. I wanted her to have somebody her age, like when we’re traveling,” she continued. “And so I thought, ‘OK, we’ll just do it again.’ I was like, ‘There’s no way it can happen again,’ but it was worse. Remi’s pregnancy was worse than River’s.”

In 2015, when she was expecting her first child, Clarkson had to cancel her tour due to complications she was having with her pregnancy.

I’m familiar with all-day sickness,” she said at the time. “I have to get IVs and fluids because I get so dehydrated. It’s really bad.”