Matt Damon Clears the Air with Idina Menzel

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Idina Menzel admitted something major — her now not-so-secret crush on Matt Damon.

On Oct. 5, Menzel made a pit stop on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about her . Surprisingly, she revealed both her love and disappoint for Damon.

“I always dreamed of Matt Damon coming back[stage],” she says about her Broadway stint on Wicked. “I’m sorry!”

Menzel apologized about her confession because of Jimmy Kimmel’s never-ending feud with The Martian actor.

During Wicked’s run, her co-stars assured her that Damon was set to attend. But, unfortunately, he had purchased the tickets as a gift for his parents. It certainly was a major let down for Menzel.

“I’d hit the high note for Matt Damon, and it turned out he was never there,” Menzel admits.

“What a son of a bitch,” Kimmel quickly added while rolling his eyes.

Now, Damon did eventually make an appearance. But, he brought a special guest with him — his wife.

“He was there with his wife,” Menzel said. “He looked like he hated Wicked. He just seemed to hate me. I think he hated me.”

Kimmel could see the disappointment on the Frozen star’s face. Therefore, he did the only thing he could do: put his differences aside and reach out to Damon. Luckily, Menzel couldn’t have been more wrong about Damon’s true opinion of her.

While in a dressing room, Damon video chatted with Menzel to offer his most sincere apology.


“I’m kind of hurt by this. I loved Wicked,” Damon explains. “I loved Idina in it. I was in London last year and we went back again. I was so moved.”

Surprised for obvious reasons, she blushed and said, “But you didn’t say anything. You didn’t say it was good or anything!”

Damon revealed that he didn’t say anything because he was “so moved.”

We are so happy that Damon straightened things out with Menzel. But, to mention another equally serious issue, will Damon and Kimmel ever be okay again?

For now, the war between the two seems to continue on, but here’s to wishful thinking that they will make amends in the future.