Spencer Pratt: Lauren Conrad Could’ve Been Bigger Than Kim Kardashian

Spencer Pratt: Jason Wahler Tried to Sell Lauren Conrad's Sex Tape
A Lauren Conrad sex tape does exist, according to Spencer Pratt.

Even though they’re still enemies, Spencer Pratt admits nemesis Lauren Conrad could have — and probably should have — been as big as Kim Kardashian. (After all, he continually maintains that the reality star-turned-designer made a sex tape much like the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.)

In an interview with Vulture, Pratt and his wife, Heidi Montag, look back on their time on The Hills. Defying expectations and still together after eight years together, the couple known to the world as Speidi believe things would be different now if a certain someone on their show had acted differently.

“People would say, ‘LC is so authentic.’ No, she’s not,” Pratt says. “I was around the real LC a lot more than any of these so-called fans that think they know her.”

“What she was good at was being authentic to what she thought her audience wanted. But I think the real LC was way more entertaining, way more opinionated,” he continues. “Somebody who I do think is pretty damn authentic is someone like Kim Kardashian. Lauren could’ve been bigger than Kim Kardashian if she felt more real, but she is this Mary Tyler Moore avatar that they created for her, and she tries to fit into that formula that works.”

He adds, “Obviously, she’s a millionaire. I’m not saying she failed. I’m saying Kim’s making millions a day. Lauren was way ahead of Kim, light-years.”

For Pratt and Montag, they are very aware of how to act to get the best ratings possible. Though some of the emotions behind the drama on The Hills were real (such as the case of Montag crying when she saw Pratt partying with a bunch of Playmates), the two ultimately admits to faking fights for the show.

“I think [our relationship] got one billion times better because I never need to feel like I have to get drunk and fake flirt with the bartender to make drama for five episodes.” Pratt reveals. “The only fighting now is about where we’re going to eat or what we’re watching on Netflix. It comes back to way more realistic problems. Not like, ‘Why would you do that?’ ‘Oh, I want our checks to keep coming.'”

“I’d say everything with Lauren was real,” Montag notes of her public fallout with former BFF Conrad. “She really didn’t want me hanging out with Spencer anymore and she really wanted me to be with her a lot, all the time. That was really challenging for me.”

She continues “I mean, I’m just a small-town girl from Colorado pretending to get it. But our relationships were real. I wanted to take a leap of faith with Spencer because in my gut, I loved him and I thought, ‘I’ll put everything on the line for him.’ If it doesn’t work out, at least, for the rest of my life, I know I tried and I won’t have the regrets.”