Kanye West Declares ‘Tonight Is a Victory’ During Chicago Concert as Kim Kardashian Adds Former Secret Service to Her Security Detail

It’s been a week since Kim Kardashian’s terrifying armed robbery in her Paris apartment, but it seems as though Kanye West is ready for things to get back to normal.

After canceling a few Saint Pablo tour dates to spend some time with Kardashian, West hit the road again over the weekend, including a stop in his hometown, Chicago. While West didn’t give one of his epic concert rants (which if we are being honest, we all expected after the robbery), concert-goers said the rapper seemed in good spirits, even calling the performance a “victory.”

“I can safely say that tonight is a victory,” the rapper declared during the show, “If your dreams keep you up a night and your ideas keep you up at night then your vision will come alive.”

While Kardashian has decided to forgo attending the rest of the tour, opting to stay home with her two children and recover from the horrifying ordeal, the family’s security guard Pascal Duvier was spotted in the audience at West’s concert. Despite being absent during Kardashian’s robbery, the security guard still has a job protecting the family.

Even though Kardashian doesn’t blame Duvier for not being able to prevent the robbery, she is taking some serious precautions to make sure it never happens again. TMZ is reporting that Kardashian has hired several former secret service agents to add to her security detail, and will reportedly always travel with at least two security guards, one of which will be armed. Additionally, Kardashian’s cars going forward will be armored.

Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner is said to have sat in on the security related meetings and interviews and is prepared to hire the same amount of protection for the rest of her daughters.