Ben Affleck Shares Insight on Co-Parenting with Jennifer Garner

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Ben Affleck, in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight promoting his new film, The Accountant, spoke frankly about what co-parenting is like with Jennifer Garner after their divorce.

Although the couple has been separated since last year, neither has filed for divorce. The couple remains friendly with one another, they still live on the same property, and share parenting duties for their kids, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

“We try our best,” Affleck said. Although he does admit there is one area he’s not great at. “Not homework. I only pay an accountant in the movie. In real life, I’m badly wanting.”

Although his math skills may be a little lacking, he does celebrate the work that his children bring home from school. Most of the space in Affleck’s trailer, he says, is devoted to his kids.

“It’s the only personal stuff I have — the drawings and art. It’s a good place to hang up the latest artwork to come out of school.” Having your artwork displayed in a trailer on the set of a Hollywood film sounds like a step up from the fridge at home.

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