JoJo Opens Up About Struggling with Drinking and Depression

JoJo is officially back! But it wasn’t easy getting here.

The singer, who is set to release her first full-length album “Mad Love” in over 10 years, sat down with ET and opened up about her struggles with depression and drinking over the last 10 years. “I’ve had many low points, honestly,” she admitted. “I thought, ‘How can I come back from this, you know, too much time has passed.'”

“I was depressed, I was drinking a lot because I wanted to get out of my mind. I’m being totally honest. I just wanted to feel good and get out of my mind and that was obviously trying to fill a hole that I had.”

JoJo explained her issue with self-worth began long ago, when her former label told her she had to lose weight in order to release her music. “So, I was 18 and I was told that if I didn’t look a certain way that they wouldn’t put out my music,” she remembered. “So, my music was already being dangled in front of me and they already were saying that, you know, things weren’t gonna happen, so I was like, ‘Oh, if this is gonna make my music come out, then OK.'”

“It messed with me psychologically because I felt like, ‘How can I maintain this?’ after I got off of it,” she continued. “How could I enjoy food? And it just made me feel like, ‘Am I not good enough of a singer? Am I not special enough? Am I not pretty?’ It made me question all that.”

Now, the singer’s got a brand new label and a new look on life and she’s more excited than ever to share her voice with her fans. “My last album I was 15, so [now at] 25, of course, I have a new perspective and a new appreciation for what it means to be able to live my dream.”

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