Adorable or Overpriced? Paris Hilton’s New $8K Dog

Donald Trump's Icky Comment on a 12-Year Old Paris Hilton
Does Donald Trump not know when to keep his mouth shut?

Paris Hilton has made an addition to her arsenal of furry friends. She just acquired a 12-ounce black-and-brown Chihuahua which doesn’t have a name quite yet. The price for the little pooch? $8,000.

The dog was delivered to Hilton in New York from a boutique teacup breeder. Not long afterward, Hilton asked her fans and friends on social media what her name should be.

Hilton also posted a video of the shy puppy in action:


A video posted by Paris Hilton’s Pets (@hiltonpets) on

This is just latest high-end dog for the hotel heiress. In 2014, she purchased a teacup Pomeranian for $13,000, and in 2015 she bought a pair of teacup Yorkies for $25,000! Needless to say, Paris likes her tiny pups.

Check out the cute little canine in the gallery above!