WATCH: How Does Ken Bone’s Son Really Feel About His Dad’s Overnight Fame?

Ken Bone realizes just how adorable he is.

Bone, the daffodil of the second presidential debate on Sunday (Oct. 9, 2016), joined Jimmy Kimmel via satellite on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night (Oct. 10, 2016) to discuss his newfound fame. In case you missed it, Bone was one of the featured undecided voters on the town hall panel who asked Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump about energy and rocked the hell out of a red sweater.

Kimmel asked Bone about his wardrobe choice. “It was going to be in an olive-colored suit that I like very much,” said Bone of his last-minute pick. “My grandpa helped me pick out a few years ago, and I thought, ‘Wow, grandpa would be so proud if I wore this suit, but apparently I have gotten somewhat more fat since then. When I got into the car I split the seat of my pants and destroyed my olive suit. I had to do an emergency wardrobe change.”

Other verbal gems from Bone’s satellite appearance include:

On His Fans Calling Themselves ‘Boneheads’: “That’s fantastic. I’ve been calling my family that for years.”

On Why He Has the Number 18 at the End of His Twitter Handle“There are more than you’d think. It is a fantastic name, but 18 is also for Mike Shannon, [St. Louis] Cardinals great.”

On What His Son Logan Thinks About His Dad’s Fame: “Logan says, ‘Dad is the best kind of famous: Internet famous.'”

On the Endorsement Deal That He Hopes to Receive: “Do they still make mustache wax? I would have my own line.”

On If He’s Still an Undecided Voter: “I think I’m more undecided than I was before. I had to kind of put my head down while mom and dad were arguing over Thanksgiving dinner last night.”

Watch Bone’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in the player at the top of the page.