French Authorities Launch Investigation on Secret Recording of Kim Kardashian, Moments After Armed Robbery

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Kim Kardashian Cancels Another Appearance After Robbery Ordeal
Kim Kardashian just isn't ready to make any appearances.

Earlier this week, video of Kim Kardashian in her Paris apartment, just minutes after her terrifying robbery, surfaced online. 

The video was promptly removed from several websites, but now French authorities are investigating to figure out who exactly filmed the video because it is seriously illegal, TMZ reports.

The video shows Kardashian sitting on a couch, wrapped in a big blanket and seemingly FaceTiming someone, as police search the apartment for evidence and Kardashian’s people pack her bags. The person recording the video gets several shots of Kardashian, as well as the front and side doors, elevator entrance, stairs and walls, all without being noticed by police.

In France, it is illegal to film someone in a private setting without their consent, and this video fits that very bill. If authorities can figure out who shot the video, the culprit could face up to a year in prison and pay a $50,000 fine.

While authorities figure out who invaded Kardashian’s privacy, she’s working at making her circle just a little bit smaller. It seems as though the mother of two quietly and quickly returned to Twitter yesterday (Oct. 12, 2016) in order to delete some of her followers.

The Daily Mail reports that Kardashian went from following 121 accounts to 108, deleting just 13 followers. No word yet on who got the axe, but considering everything that’s been going on with Kardashian, it’s understandable that she’d want to keep her circle small.