WATCH: The Weeknd Releases Violent and Intense New Music Video for ‘False Alarm’

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The Weeknd's new single from his third studio album just happens to be...

The Weeknd just dropped the music video for his track “False Alarm,” and it’s pretty damn insane. The mini-movie makes the song the score of a bank robbery that goes awry.

Like Ilya Naishuller’s recent film Hardcore Henrythe video (also directed by Naishuller) offers fans the view from one of the assailants as they shoot their way out of a building with a hostage in tow. All the while, the crooner sings about an ill-fated relationship with a seductress. And just as the manic chorus arrives, a firefight breaks out.

The story follows these ne’er-do-wells as they attempt a getaway while squabbling with each other and killing anything in their path. Cars explode and the poor young hostage is dragged along on this nihilistic quest as The Weeknd offers his signature sultry vocals. It’s a powerful juxtaposition. And let’s just say the film ends with a pretty unforgettable image.

The Weeknd’s new album Starboy will be released on Nov. 25, 2016.

Check the video above.