Bella Hadid on Coping with Lyme Disease: ‘I Still Shake When I Do Red Carpets’

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Bella Hadid was honored at the Global Lyme Alliance’s gala on Thursday (Oct. 13, 2016), where she opened up about the toll Lyme disease takes on her as she fights to keep up with her demanding schedule.

I still shake when I do red carpets,” Hadid told Us Weekly while joined by her mom, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster, at the glitzy event who explained that they both regularly fight off symptoms like brain fog, severe fatigue and pain in the spine.

“Usually I’ll wake up from some kind of bone pain, then have to fall back asleep,” Hadid said. “I’ll fall back asleep, then sleep until 12 p.m., but that’s just with a 14-hour sleep already [and] I’m still tired.”

Her mother added that it’s Hadid’s drive to continue working and pursuing her career that has made her success possible, despite the taxing illness.

“I think it’s [her] determination,” Foster said. “She has her mind set on her career, and it’s like when people ask me why was I on Bravo for four years. Because, you know why, I needed the paycheck and it was my job. … I show up and Bella’s the same way. She’s gonna keep showing up.”

The 20-year-old model noted that she has a strong support system in her siblings, Anwar and Gigi Hadid, her mother, and her boyfriend The Weeknd, who all help her manage the particularly rough days.

My boyfriend’s always there. My brother, my sister, they’re always there. Definitely my mom, because she knows what I’m going through, so it’s a different understanding.”