Celebuzz’d 031: Tamera Mowry Gets Real About Body-Shaming and a ‘Sister, Sister’ Reunion

Leave it to Tamera Mowry to keep it real.

Mowry has been a boss from the moment that she was born, arriving just minutes before her twin, Tia. Together, they took over television in the late 90s with their co-starring roles on Sister, Sister. Now, in addition to being a mother of two, Mowry is also a panelist on The Real alongside Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, and Adrienne Bailon. Suffice it to say, she requires the organizational skills of a dextrous octopus.

This is why she loves using Total Wireless, with 5GB of high-speed data that allows her to have access to loads of features like calendars, alarms, group texts, and fitness apps that keep her and her family healthy on a day-to-day basis. “It just helps from over-scheduling things,” Tamera tells Celebuzz in this episode of Celebuzz’d

In addition to plotting out family time with her kids, Tamera ensures that girl time with her co-hosts from The Real makes it to her calendar as well. “We are genuinely ourselves each and every single day and we can’t help but to be real,” she says lovingly of her co-hosts. “We’re very similar, but also very different and it’s okay. It’s okay to have a difference of opinion and respect that person otherwise. It’s okay to agree to disagree.”

Tamera, who looked up to Keshia Knight Pulliam as a young girl, offers sound advice for other young women who are looking to break into the entertainment industry.

“I would definitely make sure you know how to differentiate between wanting to be famous, wanting to make—quote unquote—a lot of money, and really loving your craft because when you really love your craft, that’s when you’re going to get through it; when you’re gonna be successful,” says Tamera. “What a lot of people see is the end product. They don’t see the journey. They don’t see the sweat, the tears, the rejection that they go through. But if you really, really love what you’re doing for the right reasons, you’ll make it through.”

She also addresses the widespread issue of body-shaming with a head-on solution. “I think we stop comparing, realize that everyone is beautiful in their own right and that’s what makes people beautiful,” Tamera suggests. “Why would you want somebody to look the one way all the time? Boring!”

“There’s nothing wrong with how you were created,” she concludes.


Check out Tamera’s lifestyle blog at TameraMowery.com and listen to our interview with her below!

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