Norman Reedus Hints at Identity of Negan’s Victim

That Time Norman Reedus Ran Around 'Walking Dead' Set Naked
Norman Reedus aka Daryl Dixon had to strip off his clothes in front of everyone

We won’t find out for sure who Negan killed in the final moments of The Walking Dead season six until Oct. 23, but Norman Reedus dropped a major hint on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Reedus told Fallon that the question he gets asked the most is “who died?” Obviously he won’t be able to tell us the answer until after the season premier, but he was able to reveal one thing: We’re not going to be happy.

“I imagine a lot of people will be kicking their television sets,” he told Fallon, who immediately began geeking out about the hint. “It’s really heavy,” Reedus continued.

For those who didn’t spend all summer analyzing the finale of AMC’s zombie-horror drama, Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is the leader of a group of survivors called The Saviors and the primary villain of last season. At the end of the season finale, he takes his barbed-wire baseball bat to the head of someone standing to the right of Rick Grimes.

That means it could be Rosita, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Glenn (the most likely victim) or even Reedus’s own character, Daryl. There’s a lot of fan favorites in that lineup. (If they touch one hair on Glenn’s beautiful head…)

Reedus told Fallon that people are constantly asking him “who dies” day in and day out. He even had a police officer threaten to arrest him if he didn’t spoil the season premiere.

The thankfully non-incarcerated Reedus will (we hope) return in The Walking Dead season premiere on Oct. 23, on AMC. Watch the video above for the full interview.