WATCH: Sean Kingston Smacks Fan with Microphone During Performance

Sean Kingston is currently in Australia for a series of nightclub performances, but his last performance was a little more than he bargained for.

Last night (Oct. 13, 2016), Kingston performed at Australia’s SinCity Nightclub when an unruly audience member began throwing ice at the singer. But he didn’t stop there: in addition to throwing ice, the crowd member proceeded to spit at Kingston and flip him off.

It didn’t take Kingston long to become frustrated, and he retaliated by smacking the audience member with his microphone. In a video obtained by TMZ, Kingston can be seen swinging his mic into the crowd, but it is unclear whether or not the singer makes contact with the culprit. According to TMZ, Kingston insists his actions were nothing more than “warning swings.”

Launch the video up top to watch the entire incident.