Azealia Banks’s Mom Scolded Her After She Called Zayn Malik a ‘Curry-Scented Bitch’

Azealia Banks discusses the aftermath of her racist, homophobic attack on Zayn Malik in a new interview, which took place in a cemetery, with the London Evening Standard.

Banks says that her mother, who allegedly never reprimanded her before, gave her a stern talking-to after she called Malik a “curry-scented bitch” and a “sand n****r” in a Twitter episode that caused her to be banned from the social media platform. “She was like, ‘Azealia, you hurt a lot of people’. I was like, ‘f**k’,” says Banks.

She says that she had an epiphany afterward, realizing that her way of being ‘real’ might not be the best way to go about doing so.

“It finally reconciled these two conflicting thoughts I had about being real and being professional,” says Banks.“I realised you’re not keeping it real by being a crazy girl. You don’t lose anything by keeping your mouth shut. So maybe it’s time to stop being a crazy girl.”

She attributes her verbal tendencies to being a New Yorker. “You know sometimes you get carried away when you’re joking. There’s this crude, ignorant, mixed-up New York City humour where people call each other all kinds of f**ked-up s**t,” Banks tells the English publication. “I use the N-word all the time. I was being stupid, not trying to be hurtful.”

Banks says that her ban from Twitter cut off her line of support that she built with her followers. “[Twitter] basically cut off my connection to my fans. That’s my livelihood. Like I can’t express myself unless it’s put through this white-normative filter?” asks Banks.

As for her opinion on presidential candidate Donald Trump, who she endorsed until only recently, Banks says that he might be a little outspoken.

“I’ve said some f*****-up s*** like that too. It doesn’t make me think anything different other than he’s being mad messy.”

She’d rather focus on her artistry. “I’ve been making some really phenomenal music and I’ve been initiating some really important poignant conversations, and I’m always stolen from or forgotten about, or have someone come and Christopher Columbus my s**t,” says Banks. “How many times have you seen me get stolen from? People have even stolen my name.”

When the interviewer observes that both she and Iggy Azalea share a zodiac sign, Banks responds, “Who?”

Read the interview in its entirety over on Evening Standard online.