Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Share Sweet Family Photos with Star Chefs

Blake Lively Steps Out Days After Having Second Child
Blake Lively attended her assistant's wedding just days after giving birth

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds shared the first photos of themselves together since they welcomed their second child into the world in late September.

While normally very private when it comes to their personal life together, Reynolds and Lively clearly had such a lovely time with these Portland-based chefs they had to share it with the world. The couple spent last weekend hanging out with Adam and Jackie Sappington, the husband and wife team behind The Country Cat who won everyone’s hearts when they appeared on Food Network’s Chopped.

Just one look at the post on Reynolds’s Instagram and it’s clear why he had to share it. Lively beaming ear-to-ear smile lights up the entire photo. This is the face of someone geeking out over meeting their culinary heroes.

The post, while adorable, is exactly what you’d expect from the man who played Deadpool

“Spent the weekend getting schooled by @thecountrycat’s Adam and Jackie Sappington, the obscenely charming and funny chefs from @foodnetwork,” he wrote. You know you have a good thing going when Ryan Reynolds thinks you’re funny and charming.

“If anybody’s looking for them, they’re handcuffed to my stove until the next Olympics. I’ll raise their two boys as if they were my own–which, frankly is a terrible thing for all involved,” Reynolds continued.

It probably wouldn’t be too terrible as he and Lively recently had their second child. We bet Reynolds is an old pro at being a dad by now.

Lively shared her own photos with the chefs on her Instagram, posing with their new cookbook. “I know SUPER famous people,” read the caption. She also included the hashtag, #BestChefsInTheWest.

I know SUPER famous people. #BestChefsInTheWest @thecountrycat

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