Jamie Lee Curtis Reached Out to Lindsay Lohan After Trump’s ‘Gross’ Comments Surfaced

Lindsay Lohan Sparks Dating Rumors After Kissing Business Partner Dennis Papageorgiou
Months after ending her engagement, Lindsay Lohan was spotted packing PDA with her business partner, Dennis Papageorgiou.

Lindsay Lohan may be taking the high road in response to the lecherous comments Donald Trump made about her in the past, but her Freaky Friday “mom,” Jamie Lee Curtis, isn’t having it.

The comments surfaced from a 2004 interview with Howard Stern, in which the current Republican presidential nominee said the then 18-year-old Lohan was “probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed.”

Lohan responded by choosing “to focus on the positive things happening in her life and has decided to disregard the comments.” Curtis, however, posted an Instagram retort, calling Trump “gross, lecherous and lewd.”

On Saturday (Oct. 15, 2016), the 57-year-old actress told Entertainment Tonight she reached out to Lohan and that the actress is “doing very well” and was “grateful” for Curtis speaking out. “It was incredibly disturbing to hear someone that is up for the [presidency] of the United States talking about a teenage girl in the way that he did. It was disgusting and she deserves people’s support.”

The Scream Queens star added, “How dare anyone, let alone a man in that position, make comments like that when clearly she was having difficulties in her life.”

Now, though, Curtis said Lohan’s difficulties have “seemingly straightened out.”

“She’s doing beautiful relief work with children in Syria,” Curtis shared. “She’s in Athens right now. She is doing very well. I’m sorry that we all had to hear that and, then again, maybe it was helpful that we all heard it.”

In fact, Lohan may have found a new love, her business partner Dennis Papageorgiou. The two were spotted packing on the PDA over the weekend at the opening of their new nightclub in Athens. Lohan recently split with Egor Tarabasov after a tumultuous relationship.